Monday, August 02, 2010

Keith is back with a brand new invention (ie more of the same old crap-ola)

With the return (a la Vanilla Ice, ie he’s back, um, you were never here?) of Blake Griffin to the Clipper on-the-court squad, and yes, I think that was the very first mention of Blake Griffin on this blog (yeah, I’m back, & I was actually here, er, well, in this nodule of the negasphere) and yes, my first acknowledgment of the saving son is to compare him to Vanilla Ice. I = evil.

Hmmm, that wasn’t really a sentence, was it? With the return of Blake Griffin, you have to think that this season could actually be interesting. And that ain’t the only reason. More to come (probably, or not, I’m still considering, ie one foot’s in the pool and I’m playing coy with that water, like, well, seriously? Seriously. Maybe.)


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