Wednesday, April 16, 2008

let's keep sea-town in the mix, por favor

lots of people are giving rat’s asshole burgers about this save our sonics dillio, myself included. When I say giving rat’s asshole burgers, that’s a high compliment of insanely huge proportions, ie it’s gigantically important to many people in the know. Saying “no one give’s a rat’s asshole (burger)” is essentially the opposite of the current scenario.

Supersonicsoul threw up a bell clamoring post today, and it’s expressive of a movement issuing planetquakes through the innernet. We gotta stop stern Bennett and the croney-ites from ass raping the pacific northwest, stat.

Props to the south florida fan blog for propagating further plethorization. Clickety clack. Sonics Central of course critically criticizing the supposed status quo. Certain segments of the mainstream media and their hooliganistic fertilizer eaters cannot be allowed to ramrod a false presupposition down our throats. Ball Don’t Lie is on the loop, as well, conglomerizing contact info for the NBA owners. Accountability counts, count on it.

Let’s not just roll over for this crap, folks. 40 years in sea-town can’t just go the way of the dodo bird without at least 83 firm bitch slaps. Man up, America. Salud.


Blogger ASponge said...

Well said (in articulate language, I suppose). You can get more information here:

The South Florida Fan

4/17/2008 6:59 PM  
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