Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I should type something here, theoretically

Yup, this blog still exists, sorry in arrears. The Clippers’ season? Not so much. Well, I guess, yeah, they go out and play the games, what scant refugees they happen to be able to scrape off the locker room floor five minutes before tip-off, but I don’t know if I’d call it an acual team.

Watching the semblance (that has a nice ring to it) for intermittent moments against the mavs yesterday, amid watching all the other games live & streaming, I was struck with just how awful and unwatchable the clips are this season. TERRIBLE.

90% of the NBA gametime I’d perused this year had been clips games. With 2 kids under 2, I barely have time to keep tabs on them, let alone the rest of the association. Then yesterday, in a fit of pique, I loaded up on NBA during slow times at work, (gracias to an amazing website that streams all the games that I won't link here, but email me or drop a comment if you want the info) and was amazed at the quality of basketball being played, even (actually, especially) by Chicago & Atlanta, two BARELY east playoff teams (Chicago prolly not, but) and they looked amazing compared to the la bastard step… oh, you know the rest. The Hornets were... as the guy from Everything is Illuminated would opine, proximally premium. Chris Paul is nuts and Peja, damn.

As far as our Clips, sad, sad, incredibly depressing season. But I won’t let it ruin my love for the roundball, or the clippers. Better times are on the horizon, and I still stand by Donald Sterling's wayward mishmash brigade, albeit not quite as much with their fake homeless center propagandizing owner. I hereby can only watch tiny sporadic bursts of clipper games the rest of the season, it’s too emotionally draining. Instead I will watch all the other teams when I get spare minutes. Teams that actually have something to fight for. Teams that actually have point guards not named Brevin Knight or Dan Dickau or (shudder) Smush Parker. Teams that pass the ball and get fast break points. Teams that… don’t sap my soul of its last remaining vestigal juice.


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