Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horribly ugly disfigured mustard title defacing my blog, and other things short for this planet

You try and blend, you try and fit in, you attempt some reasonable acclimation to “bloggerdom” by instilling titles in the format (so on places like lowpost and ballhype if you’re posts ever come up at all they say something besides “no title”) and what happens, blogger chooses really the most god-awful non flattering color. I’ll figure out a way to fix it or trash the whole idea. Never liked coming up with titles for anything to tell you the truth.

Oh yeah, the clippers. Why we (me) are (am) here. Well, 3-4 on the road trip ain’t too shabby to tell the truth. I only really watched the game at Toronto, and lucky me, they won. Toronto shot the ball horribly from 3 (they’re usually en fuego) and the clips shot lights out from behind the arc, including a bonkers 5-5 from trey for Maggs, which will happen again as soon as my pet pig Percy flies up to the north pole and brings me back Lois Lane’s panties. (coming soon, truss.)

I was going to write this whole pontification on the season type dillio that I’d been pondering in the shower this morning, you know, about the different dynamics of appreciating a winning year (2006 – definitely the banner year for the franchise since moving west and probably even if you include the Buffalo years, but I can’t speak from experience there – too young and an Angeleno, ya know) vs. a seemingly semi-winning year, a la almost making the playoffs but falling short (2007 – where our interest in the race for #8 allowed us at least the semblance of hope even though we all knew in our hearts that the almighty Dallas – HAH – would trounce us in the first round anyway, which I still believe, despite the golden state happenstance, they matched up with them perfectly and plus the whole Nellie little general dynamic, Cuban, moolah, et al) and then, obviously then, or not so obviously, what do you do in taking a look at THIS year?

Yeah, I was gonna do that, and I guess I already am, so, at least a run through and well dig deeper in another episode. The main focus of this year has to be the development of Thornton, who is, by all appearances, going to be a bona fide STUD in this league, and I mean that in the sense of possibly a perennial all-star and not in the take him out to the farm to mount some mares mindframe. Secondly, the emergence, depressingly, but at the same time happily (because we still need wins, I REFUSE to hunt ping pong balls, even on the last day of the season, we are clipper fans, goddammitt, we measure success in 30 win seasons rather than 20 win seasons, end scene) of Maggette’s MONSTROUS game. Yeah, he still has his issues, always will, but damn, what he can bring to an offense when he’s clicking and working, which he is? Wow. And will we see it here next year? If DST (yeah, yeah, I mean DTS) has his way, yeah, so I guess that’s good.

And then obviously the dynamic later in the season of Brand coming back, but even moreso of Livie coming back, and will he be the player that he was? That’s huge. Because just imagine next year, whooo. But there ARE things to take from this season, subtle appreciations, and like the bum in the alley inspecting the bagels, I know the fresh ones and I know the ones that are over a day old, what is gold and what is myrhhh. I may not know why I know, or what I know, or how, are anything substantive, but, well, yeah. Go clips.


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