Friday, January 11, 2008

might as well bang out a few notes while I'm in here adding Kelly Dwyer's (& Rod Benson's, natch) NBA experts blog to the ol' blogroll. Check it out btw, brilliant stuff. Dwyer is a font of info, a guy with a huge (hayuge) collection of nba games burned to DVD that's never seen the Godfather (actually a shame, you really should peep it in between, uh, appointments.) anyhooo, oh yeah, the clippers.

can't we talk about something else? like torture chambers and why they might be inviting and serenely relaxing? this shooting slump that sam cassell is mired in is a thing of non-beauty indeed. When I was at the New Orleans game on 1/2 (the last game I actually saw btw) I was struck with how awful everything ran with Sam in. He made some nice plays and crafty vet moves, etc., but when Brevin Knight is shooting better than you, well, wow. and Brevin does NOT turn the ball over, and Brevin makes some pretty darn nice looking steals here & there. too bad brevin has some issue with his legs or something and can only play 15 a game now.

as much as you knew (or were forced to know) that we were in a lottery year & it would be a season for pontificating not so grecian urns (as well as not so skinny grecian centers winging their way to Suisse), it's still a bitter pill to swallow watching the clips just continually get manhandles and outplayed, especially when it's down the stretch, close ones to great teams like San Antone & Orlando. just brainfart central. is it coaching? Dunleavy ain't exactly resembling Knute Rockne out there, but he's not exactly Isaiah level bad, is he? when the only dub you've managed is against the T-Wolves in, what, the last 12 games, then that's serious cause for concern, however frightening the schedule (and at the moment, it's pretty damn frightening.)

it's especially disheartening, and not that we should be comparing, but it's so damn hard (impossible, really) not to, that the Lakers are doing so damn well (at least so far.) we, clips nation, were supposed to be the ones building something special, but right now the only special thing were building is an injury ward stocked to the gills with gifted athletes laid up and not contributing much beyond caviar dreams. good news about Shaun's rehab going well, though, as well as Elton's, so we got that. we got next year. and then the next, & the next, et al. With Thornton's come up, thought, even if we lose Maggette (which I hope we don't), I still think the future's extremely bright. Just the fact of having the new Kaman lined up along Elton, and even pondering Shaun and Mobley with Thornton at the 3, wow, that's a nice starting rotation. hold on to Brevin to come off the bench, keep Q around for defense. Paul Davis as an extra big (who was playing pretty damn well before HE got hurt). The pieces are there, just, unfortunately, they're up on the shelf. better luck next year (por favor, buddha, not that I'm supposed to pray to you, but it's OK to opine, yah? gratzi.)


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