Thursday, November 08, 2007

hey y'all, just a quick note to acknowledge that yours mine & ours (but not that guy's in the corner's) LA Clippers, the lovable bastard stepchildren of the city of angels, have started off the season 4-0. Two home wins and two road wins. the road W's against Chicago (who was supposed to be good this year but hasn't won a game yet) and Indiana (who was supposed to suck and came into the matchup undefeated). weird, wacky, wild stuff indeed. Ed McMahon seems ready to sprout from behind a curtain at any moment with a maharaja cape on, or perhaps horn-rimmed glasses. please don't ask me why I say any of these things, I really don't have a reason.

Sam had a monster 35 point outing, taking over the Captain Insane-o hat from Cat Mobley who did something to his groin. Brevin Knight got a DNP, but I seem to recall he was banged up or sick or some such thing, so they let him have a break. Have I mentioned that I'm really loving this Clipper team? no one seems to give a rat's ass how they get it done, just as long as they do. and Chris Kaman has emerged from his shell of a self that showed up for last year's season. I imagine last year's Chris Kaman alone in a damp cell in the current Chris Kaman's basement and every day this year's Chris Kaman goes downstairs after he gets home and beats up last year's Chris Kaman, holding him by his ridiculous hair and yelling "see? see what you can do? don't make me come down here again." and this will continue on until that Chris Kaman is no more.

or it may not be that violent, it may be Chris just gets home and watches cartoons and remembers that he's 7 feet tall and thick as a tree and nimble as a deer and, oh yeah, he's SUPPOSED to be kicking ass & taking names.

whatever the circumstances, I approve of the results.

oh and it looks like Al Thornton might be starting to get comfy, which can only improve the portents abounding from the clips' sanctum sanctorum.

lots of other crap to opine on, but who's got time/inclination? oh yeah, lots of people. oh well, they don't have my, uh, charm. Shalom. go clips.


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