Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Steve at Clips Nation is already throwing in the towel for this coming season.

...We've seen how important Elton Brand is to this team the last few years. It is simply not realistic to expect them to be in contention for a playoff spot playing the first half of the season without him....provide(s) an opportunity for Chris Kaman to step up, for Al Thornton to play a lot, maybe even for Yaroslav Korolev to find his game. And it let's Corey Maggette lead the team in scoring…knowing from the outset that the season is a lost cause can be liberating - it allows the organization to plan entirely for 2008-2009...

orrrrr maybe not. From another post from clips nation (and yes, I’m aware this has become the “what steve at clips nation is saying with minimal useless commentary by yours truly, which begs the question, why do I bother? Ummm, somethings best never uttered or questioned unto oneself? Film at 11) , specifically in ref: the clips chances without EB (out, as said, for a minimum, apparently, of the first two months of the season):

Kaman is obviously the key to the team being able to play it's 'normal' game. If he plays like the top five center he's being paid to be, the team remains legitimately dangerous. An inside-out offense, with Kaman working the low block, and kicking to shooters (with the addition of Thornton, the team could actually put several decent shooters on the floor at one time) could be effective. But in order for it to work, Kaman will have to make a high percentage and make good decisions and passes from the post: not exactly his forte.

Not exactly his forte. Heh. Kind of like juggling kryptonite chunks ain’t exactly superman’s forte, or how flying in a perfect straight line & not crashing isn’t exactly the greatest American hero’s forte, or leaving his pimp cup at home and courtesously opening doors for the ladies ain’t exactly lil’ jon’s forte.

Chris Kaman is the most indescribably frustrating player to watch in the league, imho. The guy plops up layups (and bricks a huge percentage of them) in situations where he should be thunderously (like a barbarian with an energy sword and an oddly fuzzy pair of briefs) dunking the ball with blatant impunity. The guy’s a fukn space cadet, albeit a hugely talented one, and with potential through the roof.

The superman analogy is faulty, though. Superman ain’t gonna suddenly crave the kryptonite, but Kaman, I still believe (someone hit me with a brick already) that he can become the premier center we all delusionally thought he would someday be.

Anyway, clipper steve goes on to say other brilliant stuff, like Thornton could be a big help, as he can get his own shot, and we’ll be reloading for the following year, with a high (potential) draft pick, and a year of development (both in their game and in the healing process) for Shaun & Elton, a year for Kaman to find his inner schwarts, maybe korolev to actually show (or at least get a CHANCE to show) some semblance of game, lets us see what jared Jordan can do (and how much of a cipher he will really be on defense, brrrr), and, uh, watch dunleavy hopelessly fuck up rotations and coach himself in a corner and other fun stuff like that. All of which will scarily convince Donald Sterling that blowing tons of money and getting mediocre results is for the effin birds and then were back to two year Dominique wilkins contracts and our promising rookies heading to points across the country after a couple seasons in clipper Siberia. The life of a clipper fan. LOVE IT!

Oh & don’t forget about Sofoklis Schortsanitis, still pining away for the Los Angeles fjords in Greece. Come on over, big guy, you’re the next contestant on mediocrity incarnate, NBA edition. Gratzi!@%$

Oh and we signed brevin knight for 2 years, 4 million. As you can see, I’m all giggy about it (inside joke, when he came out of stanfurd, he talked to the press about how he liked “giggin” on people, which I think meant blowing by them on the crossover.) Anyway, stanfurd, nuff said, I’m a tad underwhelmed, but, well, overall, a decent signing, we need a point. That’s my point. Pointedly. Ok, I’m so, so done now.


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