Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just a quick note of acknowledgment to the massive happenings in the NBA, because God knows you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for Alfred keith pennyworth whaley’s take on the said occurrences.

Yup, donaghy, well, what can ya do? NO WAY, illicit and corrupt gambling on the NBA? Pshaw. This seems to me one of those things that everybody & his brother, no matter what evidence or lack thereof or circumstantial what have you’s were shoved in our faces (ie the horrible calls, the just too convenient point swings, etc.) we all plunked our heads in the sand and said “no way”, and, well, that’s understandable, it’s a defense mechanism, no one wants to think that something they are so passionately into like watching basketball could possible be “fixed” in any way, especially when the MAIN reason, or A main reason we watch is just that, the unknowable eventuality, or lack thereof, of it. We are so transfixed to sport because it has a spontanaiety, a who knows what the hell might happen quality to it, that just isn’t there in other forms of entertainment. No matter how much they shock you on desperate housewives or jackass, it’s all planned out, it’s scripted. This is the big reason, in my mind, that reality TV has taken off to the degree it has. It’s almost like the sports fix for women or guys that don’t like sports, or people who like sports but their sport is off season, or not on, WHATEVER. We want to feel like 1) anything can happen, and 2) there is no higher power pulling the strings.

Anyway, whatever. Hopefully this problem will fix (har, har) the NBA in the long run. I think it will. I sure as hell hope it puts at least a semblance of a stop to the horseshit of quote unquote superstars getting ridiculously favorable calls, a la Dywayne Wade & Lebron (I’m still smarting, and it’d be worse if I’d actually watched it, from the ref stroke fest that was Miami Dallas a couple years back). We need a level playing field, especially if the clippers are ever going to be relevant.

What else? Oh yeah, the big KG trade to Boston. Great for the league, shitty for Minnesota (not as bad as bridge falling into the river, granted, so there’s that for a reality check). Kevin McHale is obviously an idiot, it’s been said over & over, so, well, get KG in a good situation, and who knows, maybe people will now line up to play for less money in Boston with the big three. I would not be the slightest bit surprised at just about anything at this point, which I guess keeps things interesting.


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