Friday, October 26, 2007

peep the la clippers’ daily dime espn clips preview. Not extremely optimistic. Jemele Hill is especially gracious, saying LAC will be “the worst team in the NBA.” Chad Ford gives props, calling the clips “possibly the NBA’s worst team.” Chris Sheridan has high hopes, saying “things will not go well right from the get-go.” At least we’re able to count on former LA times scribe and LA sports expert J.A. Adande, who sings the Clippers’ praises: “At least they contended for the playoffs in 2006-07. By New Year's Day they'll be far out of the race.”

Can you feel the excitement? I know I can. (cries).

Seriously though, call me insane, but I think we have at least a SHOT, right? I mean, how can you just call in the cleaning crew and the hazmat squad and just spray down the locker room for fleas already? Shouldn’t we give these guys a week, a month maybe? Shouldn’t we see what we’ve really got in the potential phenom Al Thornton? Shouldn’t we glimpse what Sam Cassell has left in the tank? This is the classic on again off again Johnny appleseed, if there’s one last year of greatness, you’re looking at Sam’s, kids!

Is there any possibility that Tim Thomas pulled his head out of his ass and is actually gonna be that “potential” TT and not the TT we all know and hate that the bulls ran out of town and who settled into his millions from Donald Sterling and started lighting cigars wrapped in hundred dollar bills?

Speaking of sam, loved this interview on LA Sports Hub (hat tip to clipperblog), and especially dug his comments on Tim Thomas:

“If Tim can be the Tim that I know he can be, he’ll be fine,” insists Cassell, who plans to set up his former Bucks teammate with gobs of pick and roll opportunities. ”Tim’s gotta shoot the basketball.”

True words. I really feel if Sam can stay healthy (a big if, granted) and his mouth isn’t stapled shut (impossible) we’ve got a shot. Even in the big bad west. So yeah, the west is deep, but so’s my pool, and I don’t drown in there. Eh.


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