Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In my short praise of Ruben Patterson (one line in yesterday's post), blinded by remembrance of his nice steal and throwdown, plus other spattered positives, I had completely forgotten about the bone awful things he did in that Chicago game. John (a la Clipperblog) serves up a reminder of the yang you get with Patterson’s Ying:

Ruben Patterson – I was higher on the Ruben signing than Kevin… but I’m starting to think he’s a showy defender who gambles too much, and also, clearly, has no offensive game in the half court or transition. If he gets the ball on the low block, holds it, and starts dribbling there is a 99% chance the result is a turnover or blocked shot. Ditto him leading a fast-break. Oh, and he is just an awful interior passer.

There were a couple moments when Dunleavy had a look on his face like he wanted to stroll straight up to Ruben and straight bitch slap him. If he stays true to his game, playing D, NOT trying to create, staying within the offense and looking for opportunities, I think his faults are worth his benefits. Could be meat, could be cake, or maybe it just is what it appears to be: meatcake. Salud. (and gratzi to George Carlin.)


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