Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Aloha, Elton Brand

Wow. So Elton’s goners. And I guess now we go after Josh Smith. Ok. Younger, extremely athletic, but, hmmm, that price tag. Atlanta will match just about anything. Is it really worth it? But what’s the alternative? I really don’t know if I can handle watching Tim Thomas “try” to bang with the league’s 4’s for another 82 games, Baron Davis or no Baron Davis. Tim Thomas, he, he saps my soul at anything beyond 20 minutes a game and spot duty as a hot shooter, decoy, what have you. He, he hurts me.

As for Elton. You, how could you, I, you, you son of a, you piece of, sigh, I can’t, I can’t denigrate the greatest clipper ever, good luck EB, in all you do, even though I hope phillie never wins another game and you rue the day, you put in good work and were the centerpiece of the greatest clipper season ever, and nobody else really comes close, which is moreso a reflection of your greatness and secondarily a reflection of the suckiness that is LA’s bastard stepchildren. Salud, selah, all of the above.


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