Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Holy Smokers

I’m in a shits & giggles windstorm. Cosmic fluxidization has conflugrated to enable the possibility of bringing Baron Davis, the boom dizzle, into the clipper fold, and possibly at a bro discount due to the kind hearted and lofty champ aspirations of one Elton Brand. Wowsers. To think that the Clippers, yes, Don Sterling’s wayward bastard stepchildren, could be the recipient of some type of “let’s play for a discount for a shot at a ring” scenario is just the bass ackward championship Olympics featuring big mouth bass kleghorn on the waterjug. My brain is swirling, twirling, doing a double dip, triple entendre, the whole 9 yards.

This Clipperblog post is especially pertinent: (I’ll cheat and transcribe the last bit here, but read it all, truss):

”Could a Clippers team with both Elton Brand and Baron Davis chase the Lakers into the ides of March? Could sinking half of the team’s payroll into dual contracts for a couple of guys who will turn 30 this spring be ruinous going forward? All good questions, but ones whose worst-case scenarios shouldn’t preclude the Clippers from rolling the dice. Having tasted 47 wins, the Naçion will happily settle for pretty solid. “

HELLZ YEAH we’ll settle for pretty solid. After years and eons and decades of Rick Brunson and Pooh Richardson at the point, I’ll take Baron and a bag of chips, let alone hanging on to EB as well as an emerging Thornton and the intriguing rook Gordon. (Clipper Steve had a nice piece on that new piece (peace), and he made a hugely good point about how his #’s went down only after the injury to his wrist and once Indiana’s season started heading south like Joanie lovin Chachi.) I agree, Eric Gordon could be huge mondo, remember those 3 different slam covers that one month, beasley, rose, and Gordon, who was gonna be the first pick in the draft? Recuerda todos, mein freunde.

Read Yahoo's Kelly Dwyers' take on things, too. And, as always, scan true hoop for all the pertinent links, I must have read everything that mentioned Baron Davis, Elton Brand or both from Hank’s bullet and morning cup sections. Wild morning. A fascinating story about Baron opting out meets Elton opting out and fingers crossed they turn into some wacky hey your chocolate bumped into my peanut butter type antithesis to a fiasco and voila! The clippers might be an actual NBA team again. Suh-weet.


Anonymous Stephen Kammerman said...

Good thing they got rid of Elton Brand. The guy was a good piece but to pay him superstar money? HUGE mistake.

4/17/2010 9:06 AM  

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