Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rick Brunson, Gangsta Pat, other relevant topics

Grecian urn time, folks. That last post (see ultrabs, well, actually, here too, wow, that’s a sad set of exigency) was vague even by my standards, but yet a thing of beauty in mine own eyes (ie for mine eyes only, post script) that I’ll stand by until the end of things, cuz, well, actually, nah, I dunno, throw me in an expiring contract and I’ll prolly let it go for like Rick Brunson or some shit, btw, where is his ghost, I need to find it, I think he’s doing the bathroom attendant thing with Russell White’s business manager. Keep an eye and mos def cop their upcoming album “Washing Dishes” executive produced by Gangsta Pat.

Postscript to a cross-referenced post script: Rick Brunson is actually the director of basketball operations at University of Virginia. Good on ya buddy. Understand I only kid those I love, well, appreciate, at least. And thanks for not signing my hat that my wife ran down in Oakland that one night, ie the greatest game played in your professional career, because, well, I still have and wear that hat, and it would be kind of ridiculous if it had a Rick Brunson signature on it. No representation, lack or abundance thereof, reflected in your skill set.

This must win some kind of award for most useless information ever. Thank you, Zimbabwe. If I had a bowl of soup, I’d be/am cry(ing) in it. I’m ashamed to be associated with myself, er, this apparition, um, reflection of myself. Except when shame is equal to irrevocably misappropriated and likely insane pride. Logic is the friend of the weak-minded who can’t discover corners around paradoxes (paradoxi?) okey doke.

Hmmm, in clipper side now, didn’t predict that. Love the trades today, Dunnybrook, have to admit I was pissed when you pissed away Camby for Blake & Outlaw, but love how you shoehorned Thornton and Bassy into that Wiz Cavs trade. Now stay in the front office and never come out. Gratzi.


Anonymous Dave Gross said...

Yes, at least Dunleavy is "only" in the office now. Camby was a beast but I guess the Clips weren't going to be any good any time soon anyway so they may as well get younger. Pray for health and we'll see what happens next year with Griffin.

3/08/2010 10:53 PM  
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