Thursday, July 17, 2008

adios EB & Maggs, howdy pards Boom Dizzle & "Mr." Marcus Camby, or how I melted Han Solo & rebuilt him into Luke Skyywalker

Marcus Camby signed by the clippers for just about nothing… wow, a real and actual coup, smart move, brains being showed, by elgin Baylor and mike dunleavy… next up in tonight’s news, flying pigs with semi-automotic machine guns reign fire down on the Glendale gallery and ala moana mall subsequently in one of the most ill advised yet brilliantly choreographed acts of animal vs. human war in our or anyone’s lifetimes…

From the Rocky Mountain News:

The Nuggets and the Clippers started talking last week when Elton Brand, who had opted out of his contract, left Los Angeles for Philadelphia.

"We sent word to teams over the luxury tax that we could take money off their hands," Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said. Dunleavy said Camby, the 2006-07 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, might end up being a "better fit" than Brand.

He spoke with Camby on Tuesday. "It was a shock to him at first, but I think he knows he's a great fit," said Dunleavy, who plans to start Camby alongside incumbent Clippers center Chris Kaman.

From pickaxe & roll:

The real prize in this trade is the Nuggets have received a trade exception of $10.1 million dollars that they can use anytime between now and July 14, 2009 to acquire a player, or players, whose salary will fit into that exception.

Basically this trade is Marcus Camby for a swap of 2010 second round picks and a player to be named later.

You will hear a lot of bellyaching about how the Nuggets gave Camby away for nothing, but in all seriousness you cannot judge this deal until you see what they do with the trade exception.

While the clippers had to essentially give up nothing, it’s not that the Nuggets didn’t get anything. It’s really perfect from LA’s Bastard Stepchildren’s point of view. They get Camby, give up nada, and Denver still happily does the deal, which is why I’m quite impressed with Dunleavy today. Shockingly so. I’d rather have Camby for a rental, to tell you the truth, than take a chance (and a big chance it would be) on Josh Smith or Emeka Okafor for ungodly sums of cash (the clips would have had to throw huge contract offers at either one.)

I’m hoping they use the couple million left over (or some of it, at least) to sign back Shaun Livingston. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to see where he’s at and whatever production there is left, have it be in a clipper uniform? I just can’t give up on the kid.


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