Thursday, February 03, 2011

Like the homeless and the day old bagels, I dig

Just cuz I ain't sayin nothin don't mean I'm not up on the sitch. for the first time in my hawaiian life post EB Maggs phat contracts, I have fox sports west 2, er, prime ticket, and I've watched some or most or all or a tidbit of just about every game. I'm soaking in it, loving it, hating it, crying & laughing & living with it. My 3 year old daughter knows who Blake Griffin is. She likes to mess with me & say she likes the lakers. My 4 year old is diehard clippers, she'll never revolt, praise allah.

first off, this may be my favorite clippers team EVER. even including those classic Lamond Murray Loy Vaught squads (did they play together?) I kid, I kid. I mean even more than the EB Cassell Maggs Shaun Livington Daniel Ewing playing D on Raja Bell playoff year. (THE GOLDEN CHALICE OF CLIPPER BASKETBALL) one could argue the playoff squad from Buffalo from the dark ages, but I wasn't there. or the squad that lost three straight in the first round to Utah in 96 (ok, that's a joke)

ANYWAY. I'm watching. intently. absorbing. and I have A LOT to say about it. just not right this second. stay tuned personnel of the dog named clipper legionnaires. yes this is the oldest clipper blog ever. gratzi in advance for your support.

not promising anything, but I'll try & start in earnest on Monday after taking in the hawks & heat roadies. I'd delve into the chicago homestand last night, but, sigh, don't want to start on that. too depressing. Chicago a good, good team though, can't take nothin from em. I prefer to live in the fantasyland of the 9 game winning streak (home) that was zonked.



Blogger PattyLovesMath said...

still have your blog bookmarked in my clippers related sites folder...clicked on it and was surprised by your update!...Griffin will def increase your page views! Go Clips!

2/17/2011 1:42 PM  

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