Wednesday, April 11, 2012

clips beat the sonics, kid sensation's a pimp, etc.

caught most of the win vs. sacto on Saturday. Didn’t pay much mind beyond the perfunctory to the demarcus cousins shenanigans. Let the waiters wait, er, the cousins cuss. Whutta little bitch. Big props to Bee Grizzy for ignorin an ignoramus and makin his own self mo famous. So yup, 2 out of three since the lakeshow tragederium is not the worse shakes. Days were (plenty of em) when winnin 2 in a row against the Kings would have been cause for a parade. Yeah, it woulda just been me marching, well, my avatar, but you know, a lot of people would’ve been there in spirit if only they cared.

Watched smidgens of the 2nd quarter and touches of the 3rd of the Memphis debacle but something (not a little bird) told me that one was not for the winning. OJ Mayo looks like he finally might be a third of the player everyone thought he was gonna be when he looked at us all menacingly sitting on that maybach with his baggy pants and SC shirt on and reminded us all why Tim Floyd is someone’s idol.

Kind of a cool Keith Closs story in last month’s Slam Magazine (the one with Blake & CP3 on the cover) in case you missed it.

Would be nice to win in OKC today. Down 8 third quarter (I’m still at work, 3:30 here in the 808). Wuddup, loud city, I see you. Mix-A-Lot cries, but I’m mostly (Cube’s “good day” still gets me misty) over it. things change, you either go with the flow or eventually people are staring at your mummified ass in a glass case while you uselessly try to move your dead lips that have long since calcified, fallen off & been eaten up by ants. go clips.


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