Thursday, April 05, 2012

Fuck the Lakers

Don’t know how I did, but I knew, even when they jumped up by two toward the end (was it first lead since 4-2) that the clips just wouldn’t close this one out. Nothing bad on em for it, er, well, not a ton, really hoping we see these asshats in the playoffs, er, maybe not. When did Bynum turn into such a goddamm load? Holy crikey he’s a beast now. Suddenly Jim Buss is Nostradamus with a neck beard. (don’t know if he has a neck beard, it just sounded good, emphasis on past tense)

Anyway, best clipper season ever? Chime in in the comments, friends of officer bird, boy in my throat, and the other person (professor squirrel) who reads this glob. Much as I loved the EB Maggs Sam “big balls” Cassell year (and oooh, I loved it, I MADE love to it, wait, sorry) I think I like this one better. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Yup, you may have heard of them. I don’t know, I vacillate, and it doesn’t really matter. I do know though that when it comes to butlers, I’ll take Caron and hold the Rasual. I need my juice tough. I mean, how spoiled are we, Gomes can’t even get off the pine anymore, and he was the guy we used to pray could stay healthy so Rasual’s decrepit soul-sucking vanderwall wouldn’t send us into a pity-spiral. It’s a beautiful thing. I did like when Rasual would make 3’s though. That one time. (cries/laughs)

Yeah, but fuck the Lakers. Who the hell could have predicted 1) they’d get a real point guard on the cheap, 2) they’d dump Odom’s lifeless corpse just in time before he starts fossilizing, 3) Kobe would have so effing much left in the tank, 3) Bynum would turn into probably the best lowpost scoring big in the league (I mean who else is in the neighborhood? The Gasol brothers & Z-bo, and somehow these 4 players are on 2 teams, yeesh) Again, let me know how you feel in the comments, that means you, imaginary friend that hides behind the shelves where I keep my booze and elven maiden who cleans the lint from the back of my dryer. I pantilly (clantilly?) scantily, erm, shantilly, vapidly, fuck it, I await your bowl attitudes about it.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. I'mma pour some more salt in my soup. See you in 20 years. Peace.


Anonymous Lawler's Law said...

Funny post…a comment from reminded me this blog was still here...come post some more esp this season!!

4/11/2012 1:39 PM  
Blogger Muhammad Amir said...

This is a big game, and not for reasons of who’s won how many or who’s lost their minds check out and or dignity in games involving hunger or strife or agony or mental anguish.

1/21/2013 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Kelinci said...

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9/18/2013 8:05 AM  

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