Wednesday, December 05, 2012

synergistically interlocking

This is a big game, and not for reasons of who’s won how many or who’s lost their minds and or dignity in games involving hunger or strife or agony or mental anguish.  Whoever wins, the Clippers are facing an irrevocable side of their history and their destiny in one fell swoop.  I have real heartfelt emotions and nostalgia for the old cassell brand maggs Kaman teams and half of that equation will be in staples tonite under mark cuban’s banner.  Brand is first (1st)! in rebounds all-time for the clips. (stat courtesy of yahoo’s game preview) as well as 6th in games played for the franchise (and Kaman is 5th!).  Of course this is as much a reflection of the former transitory nation of the clips as much as the staying power and legacy of the two players involved.  Irregardless (yes, Webster, I still feel it’s a word, I can’t be dissuaded, and whoever wants to argue with me I welcome them to a field of battle of their own choosing, name the weapons, the audience, the what-have-you) of whether I may or may not have made comments in re: EB getting treated like MC Ren and the other NWA fellas feeling like they should have treated Ice Cube after his defection, Elton does, has, and will continue to occupy a special place in my heart as the centerpiece of the best Clipper team of all time prior to the current Chris Paul Blake Griffin incarnation.  I could say about 800 other things but that’s enough for now and be happy I provided this much because I really don’t have time for things like this with a newborn (born 11/12, my 3rd daughter, gratzi, little person in my throat who’s the only one who reads this).  Be lucky I’m posting at all, but the event warrants it, he said to Randy Rhoads ghost still on the roof plucking cords in Kaneohe although the subject of his deathly musings having long since moved to town and then the far east corner of the not-so-lonely island.


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