Thursday, October 23, 2003

yo clip,

wuddup cuz? yah i know, never come around, sorry hoMEE it's crizackin bacon back at the homefront & you know ma & pa and the rugrats and jackson brown living in the guest room, i mean, it's hectic ultramagnetic up in that hizzle.

so whuts the haps on the craps? say something homey buss a werd on my crilznack. fa real. like okey doke & pistola smoke up in that bitch. totally on the whoatally. why do something becuz it's just like all good & shit, like that's what sarah was saying the other day, but like, ya know ferreal it's like cuz you just gotta do it, you gotta spit that game you gotta tell that tale even if it's just about a bitch mark whale. ferreal and strait up & down. up & dizOWNN. fa real.

shizzle whizzle pizzle kizzle bacon breathing oven mizzle.

whoa that was close i like almost thought i fucked up and did a blogMogTov cocktail up in this bizzle.

um so yeah the JURK stoRR called and said that fukn acid monkey malone was calling from frankfurt from a pay phone with a paid woman to carry his paid ass dogs up north to their PAID ass dog trainer down in newark. ferreal strait Up and Down no panickin ask charley jones he was up in that bizzle with a 40 dogger of Schlitz. strait UP and down.


i'm not joking.

so whut would you get, na fuck that i ain't going out like no okey d oke with tha pistol smoke fukn randy rhoads why did you have to die dawg? i mean shit think just how chronic your eightball sandwiches would be by this time, i mean DAMN you would've blown em out the box kid.


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