Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Los Angeles Clippers goddammit.

and fuck tim duncan and the muthafuckin spurs and fuck david robinson even though this lady i know, dayude she saw him at the mall ya dig, she was cruising smoking on a pall mall yah ya dig the crew was deep the sun was out the wind was blawn girl ya dig an then the haterade was pouring in the poind yah ya dig, poi dog pondering style.

you can even see brand like running by duncan like "yeah whatever dude, you know we're fukn taking this shit this year, what with the lakes in shambles whut with kobe up on chahges and oh yeah mailman & payton shit well fuk the lakers this ain't about the muthafuckin lakers goddammit how did that shit sneak in , i mean not like the clips are jealous that they're the shittiest ever and the lakes rule like rulons but lets let bygones be bygones and rom space warrior to a bygone erra of pythagosoruss's pyramid. and it ain't about team usa neither but i'm down with team usa but shit why don't they let mullin back in there you know he could spark a drive.

LA Clippers, clip-dogs, fukn clipainstas in da hizzaus, whatevs, its about the clips na mean?

shit they got mujthafukcin elton brand up in that bitch, like all fukn piiiiissed an shit, actually fukn stoked cuz he just got a new deal, something nobody in la ever thought would happen the evil donald sterling gave an la clipper a good competitive long term deal, i mean mutherfuckin unheard of, this is donald fucking sterling here folks the cheapest fuck this side of Swaziland, i mean this joker was like just using the muthafucking clips for his fukn little show off bullshit testimonial type renegade shit, like strait up just whackin in the alaskan merckackin for dogshit acres.

um shit, it was going good there for a second, hardcore discussionology on the fukn clip dog station.

uh fuk it was like HOT fukn way hot and way the fUCKKKKK out of control

i dont be using my muthafuckin FARK MUTHAFUCKING SALADS i mean ain't been using my muthafuckin KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKs na mean? i mean in my fucks. i always say fuk or fukn not fuck or fucking and goose got me thinking you know, maybe it's a hidden moralty issue, maybe it's like the misspelling makes it somehow more clean but then of course i won't get as many googles from fuck and shit, fuk is like, nobody looks for fuk, that's like um except the person looking for dr. fuk man chu, um, the evil goateed barber on 75th street in brooklyn. fukn brooklyn ave with muthafuckin trueboy godDAAMMMMMMitttt so like fukn, i don't know whut the fuk i was just muthafuckin saying.

so anywya i had a fukn trueboy themed dream but you gotta go read some comment shit over at bing's cuz she said it's the greatest muthafcukin comment section she ever saw, i ain't gonna link to the muthafuckin comment section cuz you should go read the muthafuckin comment shit sshat na na na na na na the blog shit that she wrote about that shit, that muthafuckin shit.

ok so anyway, my muthafuckin motrocyle is fukn not down shitfting right & it's muthafuckin pissing me the muthafuck off, its' liek so dogshit acres, its so mutahucking dogshit acres.

so whut the fuk ever that's it

go clips

oh & the other player that muthafukin got signed to a muthafuckin phat contract by the muthafuckin clips is muthafuckin correy muthafukcing maggette, outta muthafuckin duke, fuk duke!!!! even though fukn muthafuckin whatever.

but correy maggette is pretty dope so i mean & duke is aiight. it sucks that guy on the bulls the short guy that was like mr. badass in that BULLSHIT game against um syracuse.

oh shit no i forgot that was against maryland and shit maryland got screwed in that game, and then they won against zona.

liked you just cared soooooo much, i know.

fukn clippers are going to kick all of your asses.


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