Monday, August 25, 2003

not that anyone’s gonna fukn read this in addition to the fact that nobody besides myself (well maybe fukn joe) even gives half a fuck, but, well, the Lamar Odom ganja days in LA are over & done. Dunn & dunn, brooks & brooks, true pile to true pile.

The clips were actually pretty smart to let this kid go. 1) he was literally begging for them not to match miami’s offer of like $67 million. 2) he’s a perennial fuck up that can’t stay off the chiba for more than like 3 days, & 3) fuk I don’t know, fuk it, 3’s a nice round number.

I’ll be a little sad to see odom go though, the guy’s got unlimited potential if he’d just pull his head out of his ass, but despite the clips’ promise to never let Odom go, you KNEW Don Sterling wasn’t dropping another 60 some odd mill in addition to the phat cash he already committed to maggette & brand this summer.

So, that’s it for now, stay tuned all 3 daily visitors out there, or whatever the fuck. peace in bitten effect stuck with a late pass & step.

So they’ve lost kandi-man (sadder than it sounds), andre miller (who gives a fuk), and now Odom. If I was actually up on thangs, I’d be able to go in depth as to who they’ll play instead of these foolios, but, I’m kind of out of the loop, which begs the question, what the hell am I good for.

And no there are no stupid questions. Play on playas.

Oh shit they lost the polish rifle too.



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