Friday, May 30, 2003

I hate fukn Bill Gates and his little paper-clip monster thing that comes up when you’re trying to write a fukn letter. I don’t need a fukn paper clip’s help you rich outdated fukn wired house on lake seattle having ugly mofo.

I hate fukn blogger & blogspot becuz ultrab is FUCKED beyond recognition. You 1) can’t open it in explorer at least I fukn can’t, you 2) CAN open it in netscape but apparently in netscape which like 3 fukn people use anyway, it is forever stuck on February 12, 2003, which was a nice enough day and everything but mother FUCK that shite. And 3) if you want to view the current version in netscape you gotta put the muthafuckin www in front of that shit and that’s basically the only fukn way I know of/or have access to of reading the piece of shit that is ultrablognetic enterprises at this time.

Which brings us back to today’s business here at a dog named clipper.

There ain’t no fukn business bitches, strictly play for your food, play that fiddle goddammit.

Bling bling bing.

Farkety sharkety markety malarkey. Fuk google too even though they help me find this Fernando pic. Fernando fukn RULED, you hear me, he ruled hard and strong and with a non-iron fist, that shit was adamantium beyatch.

Fawkin sheeeeiiitttt. What’s the point of writing something good if no one’s gonna fukn read it?



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