Friday, April 04, 2003

it’s hard to say why I still write here, but I do. C-monks over at utter wonder likes to joke about how he only has 2.74 readers, but I think that number’s actually pretty accurate for a dog named clipper. Which begs the question, why? Why when you have another site that drags in like 50-60 hits a day (which is still pretty chicken shit compared to a lot of sites – whatever, who cares) why would you continue to post shit on a site that gets like 5 hits a day if that?

Because it’s here. And I like it. and I don’t care. And it’s a good dog. A very good & loyal dog that does not deserve abandonment.

Oh and speaking of utter wonder, go over there & tell him congrats cuz he just had baby #2 (well not him, his wife) or maybe, it was him, he didn’t specify (?) – could it be the first male birth since Arnold Schwarzenneger in that classic movie with danny devito? Probably not.


Go clippers. (go where? There’s no way they can make the playoffs.)

Whatever. Oh shit I’m biting that line of of jennyyeah. (am I, I mean she didn’t invent it, but, well, she uses it very well, and um, yes? Whut?) I think the biting is off of the repeated use of the word, as thesaurus would say. (yeah, would he guy? Dumbass) Ok props where props are due. so, um, what was I gonna say?

Drama around the skunkworks today. MAJOR drama. As in Major payne. As in Lee Majors. As in 6 million kinds of DRAMA. As in dramarama would be jealous. Well maybe not jealous, happy? They don’t have to deal with drama like this.

But it ain’t my drama, I’m just on the periphery, the outskirts, I’m skating around drama, but if the ice breaks, it’s the heavy hitter that falls in, the big kahuna, not me, playa, not I said the fly, and not you hopefully, so chill out & uh, groove with it, na mean?

Anyway peace out. For now.


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