Monday, February 24, 2003

the tough thing about being an la clipper is the losing.

The constant never-ending and skull crunching losing that is only slightly numbed by the cash money lining your pockets.

You get to run around and jam and hoop it up and it’s generally a young atmosphere as the veterans with any serious skills whatsoever avoid that club like the seventh plague of Mephistopheles.

Every couple years some funky veteran will come through on the downward spiral of his career. Dominique Wilkins, Bill Walton. There are a lot of people (well probably not that many) who are totally fascinated with this team despite their perennial record of losing. Clippers fans were on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s “worst franchises” issue a couple years ago. Really, they’re a joke.

Yet they are the Clippers. Formerly known as the Buffalo Braves, and I honestly don’t know if that means Buffalo, New York, or Buffalo, Wisconsin. I do know however, that back in those days, a man named Bob McAdoo was down with Clipper history and the super-insane mizzann of the NBA, ruling like a rulon in romulanville, and he was a true bad-ass. He would put up 50 in a game just for looking at his Grandma Sally the wrong way.

The fact that Bob McAdoo was not named on the 50 greatest players list published by the NBA a few years back was the most blasphemous omission out of any other argument of any other player ever in the league and anyone that cares to take that up with the management is more than welcome to call up Vinny and Teddy-boy for an evening a getting’ their head clanged in with a fukn 2x4 for about 73 minutes followed by a breakfast of frozen steak and feta cheese cracker sandwiches.


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