Thursday, February 20, 2003

I ain’t ready to die yet.

The Clippers beat the Milwaukee bucks last night at Staples Center. It’s interesting isn’t it that the Lakers & the Clippers play at the same arena. Isn’t it just so damn interesting that you suddenly have to go the bathroom and think about it? So the Clippers are something like 19 and 35 and 17 games back but they’re coming back all the way back to Babylon with Uncle Sam and Grandfather Pedro bringing up the reservcs.

Chemical Brothers make really Brandon Paul styles, but the extreme opposite. Los Brodros en espanol. I coulda gone to that show in H-town years ago but ya know, things just sort of occurred that made it non pheasible but in a very positive and pondersa style dillio. They actually had a song on one of the NOW this is music! Cd’s but don’t ask me which one & it was the version sold in Mexico and totally different from the US version. Isn’t that just the most fascinating thing you ever heard in your lifetime and that of an uncloaked primate on the branch of enlightenment? Nod your head yes, and we’ll be able to move on.

It is extremely interesting to know about the series of novels called the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan because it is bomb diggety. I mean, damn it looks like the main dude is the dragon reborn again on the endless psycle that is our cosmos.

Another thing that will captivate you for approximately 82 thousand astro-medallions of intertwining though patterns is the fact the Thing from Fantastic Four (not the furious five) had the tragedy of not being able to turn back into Ben Grimm. He couldn’t even bone Alicia the blind sculptor daughter of the puppet master, but then it had to get thrown in his face that his buddy the human torch started going out with her and there they are a-bonin’ right there in her apartment, and the Thing, he goes nuts on Johnny storm until Alicia stops him. It is insanely deep and interesting. And the time that the Thing was the only one to stay behind on the Secret War planet and learned that he could have changed back to Ben Grimm all along, he’d just built up a mental block about it all because of that chick I’m pretty sure. And now he was over her and over the block. But his Ben Grimm side split apart into its own separate entity and turned super evil, like his evil side, and he was stuck as the Thing again cuz he had to kill himself (his human self) before he escaped back to Earth.

If you were not enthralled with that to the tune of 85 tuba smacks then I just don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you are just not down with the most intensely and painfully most incredibly I can’t think of another word to describe interested. So there you have it. It must be on that next level or other level as bushwick bill would say.


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