Thursday, February 13, 2003

ok welcome to my new blog dedicated to one of my very good friend’s dog. The reason this dog gets props is cuz his name is clipper, the same name as my favorite nba team, and for the fact that it is a psychic dog that talks to me. Luckily it doesn’t tell me to go kill people it just tells me secret laundry lists of the rich and not so famous as well as other interesting tidbits.

This blog exists because my other blog, also on blogspot, is fucking up majorly and cannot be viewed on explorer. If you are listed below you are one of the incredibly cool people that attempted to help me through this dogshit. Thanks and aloha. Basically linking your asses and clicking on it so you see it in your referral logs is my only advertising up to this point for this blog which may die a horrible death as soon as this afternoon. Consider yourselves one of six people to ever view it and give yourself a gold star for the day. I am not giving up on my rulon kicking other blog but fuck it is pissing me off now so here I am. again, ultrablognetic shall rule again but i am up against a wall and i want to write shit knowing that people will be able to view the page without waiting five hours and this shit sucks my ass.

thanks to: sarah, treacher, ryan, leah, c2, katie, & moxie.

Fukn clippers lost last night to Jordan and the goddamm wizards. Biggest crowd to ever watch a pro basketball game in Los Angeles, being as it was Jordan’s last game in LA versus the clips.

Ok that’s it for now, I’m gonna go make some shark fin stew and paint my fukn house with it. If you have a problem with that you’re more than welcome to kiss my ass from left check to right cheek with a nice peck on my bung. Yes that’s not nice but how would you feel if your blog baby was DOA and you had to write a new blog and the whole basis was some fucked up son-of-sam inspired pigshit referencing a one-eared canine that hates singing bass fish? That’s what I thought.

oh & no comments here so if you want to e-mail me go for it at peace.

this is so fukn stupid. just forget about this. I mean the blog is stupid. clipper is a damn cool dog though, and that's on glendale dammit.


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