Tuesday, March 04, 2003

so it’s like that, eh? Whut can I say it was a scary night on old saddle road. Beth and Johnny were huddled up by the old gnarled tree root in Ol’ Maggette’s farm and a storm was brewin’, as sure as the power of Patrick Ewing.

There’s a lot of things to say and a lot of things to get all Fay Rae style on. It’s really up to me. It’s all about me, by the way.

As if you didn’t know. I’m the best. The ultimate gladiator in sheep’s clothing this side of the Emeryville express line. I’m the ultimate champion in a billowy windspawn of playa hatin bustavilles.

As if you DID NOT KNOW that I rule harder than Kathy Lee Giffords lungs on 1873. that is something of which there is no doubt. That is Dr. Dooom. That is Galactus on an ecstasy chain.

Ok first off, that was just a stage move, ok? I don’t really think I’m the best. But I know that Brandon is. There I said it. Fuck off if you don’t like it dagnabbit.

Fuk kool keith is pretty fukn badass, even on a Tuesday.

“I bring the ruckus, straight from the sideline…”

now that is fukn Reginald style. Bombin from tree like a nutt butta’d OG showtimer.

Hi I’m the clippers. Pleased to meet you. Fuck you, you suck. Goddamm clippers.

But I can’t stay mad at you, it’s like she-hulk putting up with Johnny storm’s shenanigans. It was not to happen unless that boundaries were not crossed.

Did I mention that kool keith is dope?


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