Thursday, February 27, 2003


A case study by Kool Keith, esquire of the og moneyhandlers.

Alfred already mentioned it earlier today, but it is now time to honor the duties of a true clipper fan when faced with an honest bet on the grand stage of the blogosphere. If Clipper himself, that crazy kid, that psychic dog who actually, is here, well I know he's proud cuz I can feel it. and he his not related to Sam, if that's what you're thinking. The name is the thing, ya know, it's a name game.

anyway. so Joseph is the champ today because the golden state warriors stomped the hapless clips last night like the royal guard up in the shizzy. and um, so yeah, the clippers suck.

so since this is golden state warrior central and everything, i thought i would go down memory lane with you and reveal the hidden secret that i don't reveal except for in taxi cabs and subway cars, it's that i actually used to be a golden state warrior fan. it was the days of Run-TMC about a year before they traded Mitch Richmond for the shasberg Billy Owens, who proceeded to just Billy Owens it through whatever season, he was ok but no Mitch Richmond. yes ok the other parts of the trio of running was Chris Mullin and Timmy Hardaway. Mullie kind of shaised out the rest of his career, but at this time he was going off & could hit from anywhere. Timmy the ol utep 2 step was regulatin kind of like a more exciting stephon marbury with a better outside shot and grace and behind the shoulder shots, timmy was awesome.

so they win like 60 games one year, and everyone in the bay area is like "oh yeah they're gonna do it, they're badass" see they were like totally in it to win it. (bailout, joe) and then they lose in the first series to Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, & the badass suns who would go on to lose in the finals to jordan and the bulls. (so that was probably 1993, cuz i believe that it was the third of the first threepeat that they beat the suns, the 1st 2 being the lakers and trailblazers. yes that's correct. thank you chick hearn's grandson eddie. not me, him.

back on track with the warriors. oh so yeah they have Chris Webber come in for like 8 billion dollars and he is badass but then they won't pay up when it's piper time so he's like peace out I'm off to Sacramento the most boring city in america. so anyhoo fukn throw in a lot of Chris Gatling and oh shit, didn't bo outlaw go through there? oh no that's the clippers. and who could forget Latrell Sprewell, those bay area announcers HAD to say "spree for three" everytime he went up for one. he was badass though, mainly drafted off of his defensive skills in college (a small southern school if memory serves me correct) and ok what was I talking about?

oh yeah bball. so yeah the warriors made the playoffs a couple years but sucked ass. and i wasn't really feelin dey prospects, even though they're prospects were better than the clippers. because i moved back to LA and I knew. I knew that it was gonna be ALL about the clippers someday and then forevermore in infinite memory they'll recall the original conversation that the inceptionary clipfan knew of when he declared "the world is fit for masters and servants and wings shall clip that once were tethered, bringing order back to the one place they thought it could never be, world champion los angeles clippers."


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