Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Ode on a boston whaler

By og ratbone Johnson

In honor of che guevera, fighting for what’s real, I feel ya Nas.

Whatever che Guevara did, I bet it was important. Something about freeing people from some kind of oppression, ala MLK Jr. and El Sabbiq Shabbazz and Ghandhi. And Abraham Lincoln. And Harriet Tubman. And Beecher Stowe. And Elliot Ness. Wait, Elliot Ness was a big time gangster, not a freedom fighter. But he did free bullets from his gun and take down a lot of gangsters that tried to fuk with him. He would spray that tommy-gun like it was a hose and his backyard was full of dastardly dandelions.

Poison. Some things are poison, right nasty? Nastradamus second verse on the third version. The renewed edition of the first time.


I was reading something somewhere in a magazine yesterday that it's in the top ten of that guy from the 70’s show that’s like the fro-haired mutton chop dude that likes the red head chick – ya know which one? Anyway that’s one of his top-10 albums of all time for him to spin on his turntables, cuz he’s like a mr. Dj dude fully and completely.

What comes up must come down.

Dorky magorky, just bitin lines off of Nas. Like he ain’t gonna catch you. He’s got eyes in the back of his head playa, even though pac dissed him I think pac respected nas. Pac talked shit about everybody in nyc, even if your name was Tabasco McLakentire. That’s just the way it was back then. That’s just the way it might always be if certain things that are destined foresee themselves to manifest.


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