Thursday, June 19, 2003

did I mention that the jerk store called? Yeah, they’re running out of you.

ah, how many times can I get a chuckle out of that old seinfeld line? The answer: infinity squared. You know the one. George is eating a shitload of shrimp and the guy says “oh george, the ocean called, and they’re running out of shrimp,” so George gets all pumped up and pissed but revved up to like deliver the ever famous jerk store come back which you can see above in somewhat distorted context and form.

FUCK. I think I’ve realized why this blog sucks so much. It’s because I only write here when ultrabs is fucked up. It’s like, hmmm, I wonder why 85 billion people haven’t showed up to hang out, um, let me see, could it be, that it fukn SUCKS? hmmm, nah that couldn’t be it, it must be the color, if I could just get this thing to come out in some kind of fluorescent green like the wkenshow, then we’d have a hit! A hit I tell you! get my producers on the phone.

“Charlie? Yeah this is Eduardo down at the skunk works. Yeah we need clipper changed from blue to fluorescent green, asap, you know, like the wken guy, and we need lots of naked bitches, and, um, some lions, and some uzis, and a circus ringmaster guy, you know, like that archvillain with the hypnotizing hat from the old comic books, yeah that guy, yeah, so can you do it?

oh fuck you then Charlie, well just live with it like this then

oh and the fukn jerk store called, and they’re running out of you, so THERE.”


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