Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The Clippers signed Corey Magette, after signing Elton Brand a few days earlier, total $125 million over 6 years for both players.

Have the clippers finally figured out you gotta spend money in the nba to win? Jesus h. Christ, has Donald Sterling discovered crack late in life and miraculously turned his penny pinching ways around? I don’t think the clips have EVER committed this kind of cash to just a couple players, especially Brand’s $80 million deal. Incredible. But he’s worth it.

I’m going back and forth on whether shay should match Denver’s offer sheet to Andre Miller. I’m just not crazy about this guy as our point guard. But fuk, if they lose him, it’s like they gained nothing after losing that crazy high school kid that they traded for him, the one wasting away in Cleveland, (what the fuk was his name? He could jump out of the gym) – oh shit, now he’s gonna be playing with Lebron. Hmmm, Cleveland rocking?


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