Thursday, October 16, 2003

Dear clipper,

You’re not just a little bitch, you are a special little dog, and in your honor I will now take literally 6 minutes (6 minutes douggie fresh, you’re on) to spit some serious game, and then it’s time to go a la casa y a la courtes de basquetball and beat some serious ass on g-dog & the crew.

Well it has been an exciting and whut with all shenaniganous time up at the farm. You’d think this would make me spit at you harder & faster but apologies extended it has served the opposite force and option as to having left you in a state of dishevelment & disarray. There’s no adequate response from my party to extend to you my condolences on said treatment, except that I hope this posting is a step in the right direction towards making you a viable force in the blogosphere once again and into the future.

Motorcycle is running quite nicely, the car’s just about due for an oil change.

Ah, sorry clip, due to issues of the phone ringing and eating up some of your time, gotta wrap this up & head for the home front.

Don’t forget to stay in your dog house when it’s raining,


The jurk storr


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