Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Here at a dog named clipper we like talking about the clippers and even imagining that we were on the clippers and possibly getting to verbally berate Donald Sterling or throw a water balloon full of Vaseline at him, but not so much anymore since he opened up his pocket book, but anyway, I’m getting past the point.

The point being, that, in addition to my friend’s one-eared dog there are other dogs named clipper in the world taking care of business and carrying on the proud name, but for this moment, we will concentrate on the past and recognize a dog named clipper who was a hero in the Vietnam war, or, um, conflict, I guess, since it was never “officialized” but who’s counting, right?

Anyway, this dog, the one described on the other site which you can read if you click the link, is the true hero of all that is clipper, I mean, this dog didn’t make it back. He’s in doggie heaven undoubtedly teaching lessons on game.

Clippers versus bucks tomorrow at staples. I smell another asshanders award.


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