Friday, December 05, 2003

Mac & cheese with rat bastard ease. That’s like doing it on a cornflake.

And oh by the way this shit is really funny.

And by the way the jurk storr called.

Only they didn’t. the issue was, they were you. hah. Get it? shit, you just got got, like big time. Sheeeiittt.

Ferreal doh. and fukn john Jacob jingle heimer Schmidt and his whole fukn crew are gonna know whut’s up with that shit. like lbc style.

Ya know just becuz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they ain’t after your bitch ass. At least that’s what axl rose told me while we were snorting heroin together in the back parking lot of the viper room off of Pamela lee’s ass. Or wait was that punky Brewster? Anyway.

Man I got holed aces that ain’t been busted since the carter administration. And shit ain’t right if my shit ain’t on the streets, nah mean. Shit. I mean, shit! that shit just ain’t fuckn right and you KNOW that shit so don’t even FUCKING play, ok homey, seriously, that shit would be majorly fucked up. So don’t even. Play.

So whut the fuck up is the hold up on me being like the most famous person ever? I mean fuck. how much fukn cripper do I have to get up in this crusty old bitch.

I mean I should be at LEAST as famous as that backup dancer in that Pringles commercial by now. Especially with like the horror core style of media avoidance campaign that fukn carlton that piece of stinking rotting shit has made us endure. But no, shit, no, we know it’s good, gotta percolate, gotta regulate, like I told true, you gotta know when it’s time to regrease the griddle, and time to reap that which you sow (ok no that’s too cliché’d and already used in this here, um, ok that there, um, space) and then you gotta, you know, gotta know when to say when but not in regards to drunk driving, although I in no way endorse it but I have been a party to it. seriously.



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