Wednesday, December 03, 2003

now. We can get. To the serious shit. yessir. Nosirr. Maybe sirr. Yes and no and all that sis to you ma’am as well. Gracias. De nada. Jur…. Um, forget about it. seriously. No really. Not joking this time.

Ok that was a close one. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. I’m not even gonna say what famous rap star might be involved in the whole you know, affair, going on with you know that water guy and the um like lobster but not guy. They are definitely not involved in this in any way shape or form.

Shit. every word seems extraneous. It’s like, whatever shit I write just ends up sounding like overwrought bullshit just word dexterity just fukn type stupid shit that seriously if the you know what Mercado was involved then just fuck it it would be totally retarded.

Ok but seriously, this is the gutter and I can say whatever kine stooopid shiznattle that I want anyway, not like other shit ain’t the gutter either. But shit I don’t have to be clear for you people, you know the fukn terminology of this game, it’s that fukn jinx bathroom shit, that fukn jene say kwah action with removable parts and bitches named sally.

And then you’re gonna grab a big old fucking bag of peanuts and take em on the goddamm dumbo ride and spin around like a big ol piece of shit and then you’re gonna get slapped up the side the head by some big fat bitch with like a fukn tumor on her left fibula, all fukn like staring you down and shit and like calling you a big jerk and sayin like shit that you suck you know or you ain’t shit or your backyard dog is just a spoon fed infant down on 83rd street. Totally shit like that.


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