Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I’ve got this fukn pit in my stomach right now. Everything is all fucked up.

The book’s all fucked up, and it doesn’t help matters that tony's all fucked up on his shit too, not that it should fukn matter to me, but I feel like bitching about shit so there you go.

The book boys are like cruising around still, they ate burgers, they got all smoked out, and they made a random decision to go Vegas. Well, I guess, I made a random decision to send them to Vegas. I didn’t feel like writing about the party they were going to. So there. Fuck you & fuck them.

I doubt they’ll even make it to Vegas. Maybe I’ll have them get waylaid by some fukn bandits or some shit like that. maybe I’ll have them all get butt raped by pirates or like drugged out Canadian refugees. I don’t fucking know.

I have a feeling I’ll be over here for a day or two. Fuck ultrabs. Nah, not fuck it, but, fuck, I wanna lay low. I’m not feelin shit right now, numb city usa.

Fukn JEG rocks major shit. his post yesterday was fukn magic on a string.

I just wanna say fuck fuck fuck fuck everything. I got a link off of a sex pistols site on ultrabs yesterday and I can’t figure out where it came from. Am I Johnny rotten’s like bastard stepchild & I never knew it? probably.

sometimes i pine for times i thought were so shitty. sometimes i crave simplicity and sometimes i yearn for complications. sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i don't. sometimes i'm a total piece of shit and sometimes i just suck ass. sometimes i'm a little whiney bitch, like right now. I’m starting to believe that there’s no good or bad just shades of gray in your life. Oh REALLY fukn grateful dead fuckbag, deep, very fucking deep you fucking moron.

Oh fuck it.


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