Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I gotta watch matrix 2 again before I catch the 3rd one. I was like falling asleep like crazy the one time I saw it and it’s kinda hazy. Homey in the office just got it on dvd so I should be able to cop it. werd to officer bird.

Del is seriously a funky homosapien.

Woodsy Owl gave a serious goddamm mutherfucking hoot about pollution and so should you. and plus that smokey the bear, he was a pyromaniac undercover, fukn hypocrite.

It’s just not fair that my nickname is not T-Bone. I never have and never will be cool enough to warrant that kind of nom de plume. Maybe Coco or Mulva, ask the shrimp or the ocean, it’s long beach like that, I am and ad infinitum shall be designated the jurk storr.

So fuck off and die. Slowly. Oh, not you, I meant the establishment and like, those oppressors, and anyone with more money than me. Ok not just that, more money and more evil and more, like, infested anarchy laced izms all bottled up in their noggin to the point that they want to beat up that old guy sitting on the corner selling shoe horns.

Imaging being a shoe horn salesman these days, or like, a, um, butter knife sales person. It would be hard, cuz you can just buy it at the store. You have to demonstrate that your shoe horn or butter knife is really of exceptional quality.

And that’s prolly harder than it sounds.

Fuck some fuckbag is making me fucking do this stupid fucking paperwork thing that is so fuckin unnecessary if he just pulled his fucking head out of his fucking ass for like 2 fucking seconds.

It must be very comfortable in there for him to not want to come out.

Oh well. I have shit to do. Have a nice day.


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