Tuesday, December 02, 2003

This strategy seemed to werk well a week or two ago when I had to make an important phone call. Write some shit, and then do that shit. but see, now another call needs a making. And this one is going to solidify the enterprise of the first one, to the degree that if this one gets flailed, it’s like I might as well have never even started this vicious chain. Ok here goes. Shit, time to bizzle. And for those not in the know, bizzle means, um, make a phone call? Actually it must be something starting with a b but hell you caught me I was freestyling.

Oh hello, you’re still here? How nice of you. phone call went ok I guess, but still ain’t talked the head cheese, but meester subordinate whatevs seems copacetic and down for my cause of meeting with the ocean next week. So wish me luck on that one.

They need to make a new batman movie, but a really good one this time. Like all dark, and please no george clooney involvement. As in nada. Also, fuck robin, sorry, just doesn’t work in the movies, I’m a big fan of the whole robin dillio but um, ok, maybe it was just that actor sucked. Yah, prolly. Um, shit, I don’t know, I just found this sitting here in word like an hour later and my mind’s on other things. Please forgive my lack of attention and my unwillingness to edit the chaff from this goat.

Arrgghhh I hate when fucking faxes won’t go. Hey you on the other line, think you could stop smoking crack for like 5 seconds and stop sitting on the receiver or like making copies of your grandma’s secret fruitcake recipe and like check the goddamm fucking fax machine? Shit, time to go to war. These boys at war, fucking Tuesday, Thursday, I don’t give a fuck.

Calgon, would it be much of an improposition if you could take me the fuck away right now? As in far away? As in away from this jurk storr shit? as in like in a bubble bath with mr. Bubble if he was mrs. Bubble and it was like all good and that kine stuff? Thanks in advance.

Ok somebody on the Escobar team is kind of taking care of some mildly zone-wrecking type shit for me, at least in a theoretical sense, and, uh, shit, there you go, turns out they can’t do shit and my name might be shinola. But shit, shinola’s underrated anyhow, least that’s how I see it, I mean imagine that you go your whole life thinking you’re the shit, then it turns out you’re shinola instead? I mean, has anything really changed? Do you see yourself any differently? Are your accomplishments any less accomplished? Has your burning effigy of a self-image been in anyway compromised by your sudden lack of identification quadrant? I would say no, but, then, what the fuck do I know? I say shinola granola, gran pappy canola oil, it’s all good in the hood and if you got a blue bonnet, bust it out, cuz it’s harvest time at the skunk works. peace.

So apparently while I was on the mainland hawaii decided to start having a little rain. And then it decided to have a little more. And then apparently a decision was come to at which point in time it would dump a shitload of rain. And at some point subsequent to this said event a consensus was agreed upon that a veritable assload of agua would be desecrated upon our persons. And then it really started to come down.

So yeah it’s raining. And it’s been raining for like the last 4 days some say. Others would probably say the same thing but I haven’t asked them. And I’m not asking you. unless you’re here. If you are, hey, lemme know whut you think about this shit. what the hell. I’m supposed to come back here to better weather, not worse. I mean seriously.

Plus everyone’s cranky as hell. Ok well maybe not everyone, but everyone I’ve come in contact with. Well, except for that one guy, but he was pleasantly medicated. So anyway, yeah, people get all bent out of shape when the weather gets all jacked up around here. And come to think of it the guy that wasn’t bothered by it is actually from new york and has only been here for like a few months, so this is like walk in the Parkville for him.

Aside from jacked out weather and annoyed individuals, there is the question to address of the rain water leaking in from the side of our building. Every time it rains excessively we get leaks. I still have not figured out the relation. In all somberness, however, the repercussions of said event (déjà vu?) are that I must now write a letter to skunk management in regards to this problemo. I have been instructed to pen a “new format” letter different from the preceding 8 or 9 over the last couple years so that there will be a more important color attached to said action task. Now I ask you how many different ways can you say “there’s motherfucking water leaking into our building, asshat.”

Well that was prolly a new and different way of getting it across. Hmmm, suddenly I am genuinely impressed with my own genius. Just kidding. So yeah, I played some good games (recognize game) of basketball while in g-town. shit I almost dropped a triple-dub. Ferreal though I was en fuego for a certain period of time, but sadly said era came to a close. However bombs were dropped and cities evacuated, if by city you mean the painted area, and if by painted area you mean the key of the blacktop behind the old church where boo radley used to scream at us to get the hell out of there at 2 in the morning cuz he and the monks were trying to sleep.

And then we went to 7-11 and got Gatorades. Oh & yes I ate a shitload of turkey. The end.


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