Thursday, December 04, 2003

How much metal is too much to put in a microwave? I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I set fire to a pair of pants in the oven the other day.

Rain rain go away, go to the Mercado of steve martin’s alter ego and never come back again or grace this house (grace? Curse) with your presence except when it’s really dry out and the hills are brown. Yes? Gracias.

I’d be so down to go to mex right now. Bummed not. San migeul de allende y Dolores hidalgo would be the dopamatic sidetrip in so menny wayz right nizow werd up on that shit.

Oh yeah I’m famous over at jamie’s so peep it out. Ya dig? Yah you that one person, go check it out, scroll down and click, if you figure it out you get a gold star, and that shit is valuable. Yah.

Ok back to werk.


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