Thursday, December 04, 2003

clips win. Lebron james sits down the stretch he’s puttin’ up so many bricks. Quentin Richardson going nuts and corey maggette getting all spaggette. And to make a great night grand, joe’s whorriors get pasted by carmelo’s nugs. Gracias.

Oh and ryan’s grizzles ass-raped the blazers in grabbin’ bonzi wells even though he is kind of psycho he’s a preemo baller and once he chills out with white chocolate and battier and gets like mind melded by jerry west it’ll all be copacetic, peep it memph is the sleeper in the western playoffs this year. Heard it here first.

They’ll still get their asses kicked by the clippers in the 2nd round though. Don’t believe me? Keep watching. Watch when Elton comes back, watch when this team really starts gelling, cuz on a stormy night on some Wednesday in fact Friday in fact tomorrow they’re gonna go off twice as hard. Gyeah.


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