Sunday, December 21, 2003

Clips win in dallas.

The big D. you know, the really monstrous one. Yah that one. Beach. Hmmm, beach, ok I was going for beyatch, geez thank you fred astaire, I mean, um watching football clips, fukn raiders play Monday nite but yah who gives a fuck. Fukn raiders. Geez how bad can you suck. Yah whatevs, hey still wuddup to the silver and black, you know how it is, I’m just speaking from frustration, ou know, I had a dog named clipper too, and it was all about the los angeles clippers, who used to be from san diego, and ah shiT I hooked up phat san dieg t shirt from the whatever, um, champs sports, big up to champ sports in kahala mall on the wessssssssside. Beyootch.

Werd to officer bird. Fukn clippers are going OFFFFFFFFF. I mean check out this gangster shit, fukn, like, they lost one in um san antone was it? Yah, and then they go into dallas, and beat them for the 2nd time in a row, in fact that was the game at staples that started the 4 win streak at staples. And then, oh wait, they lost to Houston, not san antone, san antone is next with tim Duncan, the big professional or whatever he’s called.

This is gonna go down in the Guinness records.

Fukn raider suck some serious ass this year.

Fukn fukn fukn fukn fukn fukn whatever.

I wanna win a gold medal in fukn karate cuz your body is kicken. Like chicken. But not, shit I wish they had el pollo loco out here cuz that’s some pretty bomb shit. Ya totally ya dig, shit this is the crizopp, the crizappster, the tailgated (shit_ fukn bill gates FUCK YO U and burn in hell, gracias)

Fukn I don’t know what else I was saying but the clilppers are going off next game in san antone and ya know what I think they’re gonna win it.


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