Monday, August 02, 2004

A few notes from the sports desk (much respect to hunter s. thompson) while I got a few minutes:

Ok, dodgers had a nice win against the 2nd place padres yesterday, but I’m still wondering why the hell, when you’re in first place, do you trade your locker room leader catcher (paul lo duca) for steve finley (who, granted, had a nice game hitting yesterday), I mean, isn’t this the same guy that got beat up by the chick from the white snake videos?? Someone explain this to me.

So, does tiger woods just totally suck now or what? My theory is it’s the Stanford connection. Had to catch up with him eventually. Everyone from Stanford sucks in the end. Look it up. I mean, ok, elway ended his football career with two strait superbowl titles, but, doesn’t he sell crappy cars and like run an arena football team now, and like, worship the devil? That’s what I heard. Ok I’m stretching, and not even in a very entertaining manner. Um, I care, the opposite of that.

The cubs, maddux, 300, nomar, uh, yah, whatevs.

Everybody laughs at ricky Williams whole “I didn’t quit football cuz I failed a drug test, I failed a drug test cuz I was ready to quit football” or something like that, but, I mean, if he was that bad of a ganj addict up to now, he would’ve been blowing piss tests non stop for 5 years. (well, looking into it, he blew 3 tests in his career, but, I mean, for a true pothead, that would’ve been like zero my hero style.) Sounds like he just wants to kick back, get high, travel all over the fukn place, and, uh, get high. Nothing wrong with that, fuck it, you got the time, you got the flow, and ain’t hurtin nobody (and the city of Miami and it’s football fans count as nobody, tee-hee) then it’s ok in my book. And, uh, that’s the only one that matters. Fuck you Al Roker. (out of nowhere, sorry)

From ESPN’s all-weed team:

The All-Weed Team starts with Williams. With three failures of league drug tests on his record, the former All-Pro even admitted to the Miami Herald last week that his desire to continue smoking pot contributed to his decision to retire. That's some serious dedication to weed. And considering that long-term marijuana might lead to motivational problems, impaired judgment and loss of ambition, it's no wonder Williams thought it wise to give up the millions of dollars remaining on his contract for a life of joblessness and bong hits. He'll get the bulk of the carries on the All-Weed Team.

Eh, I’m over it now. You don’t care anyway. Have a nice day. Ok don’t.


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