Friday, July 30, 2004

Well the clips picked up kerry kittles from the nets, who seem like they’re dumping contracts faster than, uh, the flash running, nah, fuck that, wait, I know I got one, hold on, uh, faster than the jurk storr sells out of shrimp, no, FUCK. Wait, wait, the nets are selling out faster than hammer at the border, faster than Kenny rogers when he smells chicken?? Fuck, sorry folks, I’m weaksauce today.

So yah, kerry kittles. Hmmm. I don’t know. Not convinced he’s gonna be an upgrade or even equal to what we became accustomed to from Quentin Richardson, who bolted to Phoenix when the clips wouldn’t match the phat 45 million contract they gave him. Also, I don’t know, I like Q, but 45 mill??? Nah, not that kind. Plus kittles plays better defense.

So we’ll see. Nice to see Don Sterling at least paying another guy a decent amount, cuz if I’m correct, kittles contract for this coming season ain’t peanuts.

Go, uh, ovaltine.


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