Thursday, June 24, 2004

d0 nn ie ve ga: yo
berkeleyjoe: yoooooo
d0 nn ie ve ga: payin' attention to the draft?
berkeleyjoe: clips - livingston
berkeleyjoe: i was blogging it at clipper for a lil
berkeleyjoe: ooh warriors next
d0 nn ie ve ga: yup
d0 nn ie ve ga: will we get another gilbert arenas, or another todd fuller
berkeleyjoe: who do you think they'll take
berkeleyjoe: i haven't checked this ddeep
d0 nn ie ve ga: i really haven't been paying attention
d0 nn ie ve ga: there was talk about a guy from lativa
berkeleyjoe: is that close to latoya?
d0 nn ie ve ga: they promised to pick him if he made it to the 11th spot
berkeleyjoe: andris biedrins
berkeleyjoe: they just grabbed him
berkeleyjoe: i heard he's knows as the #1 latvian pussy master


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