Tuesday, March 16, 2004

dumped sitemeter at ultra bout to do it here as well. Fuck em. It’s just too damn irritating and ignorant of my plethora advantageousness not to shaft them into the darkness of not knowing whut the fuck I’m doing.

Plus there’s always technorati

Idea via brand trueboy, link at rite, and sub/ver/sion who you may find by clicking here.

The energy is karmaic in it’s antiquital antiquity and therefore get like 87 astromedallions value out of only say 72 or well about 72, in any event or disordinal cavity searching of balmic herbs on Saturday or Sunday or any day is just not only quite acceptable if not encouraged in many countries of the world, but in many not, it’s like, a marmalade on Tuesday and then seeing on Thursday that the jurk storr called, it will fuck with your mind, kid, don’t not quote me on that. don’t even attempt to wherewithal any ambiguities with or without Amelia airheart as your heart’s copilot. Seriously.


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