Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Clippers lost. Cuz they suckas. Last minute fuckups a plenty, on that you can truss. Truss it up like a raked out ho. Ferreal and bobeal. Fuck all that shit into the ground if you ask me. Sacto? Eat adick up, you too chris webber, jus cuz you from tha d think you hard andshit, fuck you and your played out kangol hat and you’re fake tittied model bitch, crank ya crankas and yankya spankas, fuck giuliani. Lil bitch.

Fukn Charlie brown was a dumb motherfucker.

Fuck all the propogating pistol shakin cracked out wannabees from the planet apeshit central. Fuck all the japanimation jackin jerkoffs from Hoboken, with Willie Wonka shoving chocolate down pam grier’s throat at a rapid pace to outbid the hooligan brothers. In fact, fuck the hooligan brothers too, never seen two bigger jerkoffs in my whole damn life, counting the incubator, beyatch.

See, this is gonna be the real shit, #4 hoes, numero quarto in the hizzle fa shizzle.

Time to log in and quote mofos

Nah fuck that

So anyway, if the muthafuckkkkkkkin jurkkkkkkkk storrrrrrrrre with the name of kool keith or doctor octagon, wait, he’s dead, or dr. dooom, or matthew, or

I’m getting really retarded now that the party’s started

Maybe I’ll get funkier than a yellow green chicken on Thursday.

But, ya know whut? Fuck Thursday.

And fuck Wednesday too.

But not Tuesday, cuz that’s the day I can’t go outside, cuz you know tha man is out there ready to throw my sorry ass in jail faster than you can say shitbiscuit with aunt niblets cornflake collection. From target.



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