Tuesday, January 20, 2004

ok I was supposedly doing this clips game recap thing for good luck, ya know, like, do a little keep track dillio of whut’s going on and maybe somehow my interest despite the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t give a flying fuck would somehow reinvigorate the clippers, ya know, get em some more wins.

One problem, they’re losing massive amounts of games again, going back to old ways, I mean, shit, blowout city last nite against the kings. and not as in they blew out the other team, oh no, as in the clippers received the asshanders award yet again, this time to the tune of a 25 point loss. good job fellas. (sarcasm alert)

Not good times to quote my fave sports writer bill simmons. The clips are fukn 16-22 which ain’t gonna get it done in the west and prolly not in the east despite the crap factor and the fact that a team in la prolly couldn’t qualify for easter status despite some other geographical sports anomalies.

Anyhoo, so, like, I’m reevaluating the purpose and goal of this most important website aka a dog named clipper, as if you (me) cannot read it at the top of the page, under the fukn ad.

So thanks for reading even though the clippers suck. Yes you. as in, me, cuz I really don’t think anyone else is reading this. But it’s just for me anyway, right? Yah, and the clips, even though, um, it doesn’t seem to be helping. Uh, yes, it’s getting retarded now. Peace.


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