Tuesday, April 13, 2004

clips put their 13 game losing streak on the line tonite in phoenix versus the fellow western cellar dweller suns.

Phoenix is actually playing pretty well right now, having beat sacramento & Memphis (m68’s team could be going up against the lakers in the first round – and, loathe as I am to make my annual shift to lakerdom for the playoffs, I gotta say, go lakes, but I’ll be watching, and part of me secretly hopes the lakers lose, just cuz they’re too much the overdog and that is something for which I have never been able to wholeheartedly root, only if your name is ever clipper and/or cal bears. Or raiders. Um, ok, that’s the end of the exceptions list.)

Bah, fuck, who am I, fukn mike fratello? Whut the fuck chuck. Why am I even typing this?

just erased shit. carlton would be extremely upset. but fuck carlton. f uck him to the gate, just as with as much enthusiasm and disregard and violence as if the party were e-40. ok, not like that, like that. like, um beating someon'es ass but not in a nice sense.

blah. blah blah. blakcsheep

how much for your wool?


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