Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Clippers, well, actually, the Buffalo Braves, the original incarnation of the clippers, actually once won an NBA playoff series. Once. Pulled from this Buffalo Braves Website:

1975/76: With Bob McAdoo leading the league in scoring for the 3rd year with 31.1 ppg in a row the Braves make the playoffs again with a record of 46-36. In the playoffs the Braves would go to toe to with Philadelphia 76ers splitting the first 2 games of a 3-game series. On the road for Game 3 the Braves would emerge victorious in overtime with a hard fought 124-123 victory. In the 2nd round the Braves and Boston Celtics would once again battle through 4 games even a 2 games apiece. However, once again the Celtics would take the series in 6 games. Following the season the Braves would allow coach Jack Ramsay to depart for a similar job with Portland Trailblazers.

See? See? They didn’t always completely & totally suck. Ok, I mean, yeah, ever since the move to Cali and the new name clippers, yes, they have never won a playoff series. But, you see, they once won, which means they can do it again.

Um, ok, carry on. Aloha.


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